FLOW is on a mission to enable water conservation
For Love of Water (FLOW) is an initiative connecting citizens and organisations to drive behaviour change by instilling a deeper appreciation, understanding and respect for water.
The unifying message of “For Love Of Water” communicates an understanding that, in order to nurture life, as human beings and as shared custodians of planet Earth, we need to live and act for love of water.
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Cape Town’s drought presents an incredible opportunity for South Africans to shift the way we understand and value water. Thanks to exceptional media coverage of this crisis, for the first time people from across the country are coming to terms with the possibility of Climate Change disrupting their water supply.

We are finally questioning whether it is a good idea to be completely dependent on a central system to provide our water, we are exploring how to harvest rainwater and reuse our greywater, we are wondering why we have used potable water for so long to flush our toilets and are investing in simple and cost effective solutions to conserve our most precious resource – water – all the while protecting our homes and businesses from running dry.

Through the water crisis Cape Town will soon become a leading water wise and resilient Global City, driven by knowledgeable and active water conscious citizens!


“For Love Of Water” – the song
“Take the space between us… You are not a stranger… I am made of water… so are you…”

In recognition of World Water Day 2010 and National Water Week 2010, FLOW gathered a group of renowned, writers, composers, producers and artists together to create an original anthemic piece of music called ‘For Love Of Water’ in order to raise awareness and inspire action on water issues that are affecting each and every one of us.

The song was recorded with an impressive line-up of South African and international artists. We are extremely proud to announce the cooperation of (among others): Zolani Mahola (Freshlyground), R&B artist Loyiso Bala, Dutch singer Stef Bos, Michael Rennie (Mikanic), Neo Muyanga, Josie Fields, Aron Turest-Swartz , Samite from Uganda, Mapumba and Yoav Sadan (SA-UK).

Thousands have lived without love, not one without water. – W. H. Auden
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