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Flow is on a mission to enable water conservation
The unifying message of “For Love Of Water” communicates an understanding that, in order to nurture life, as human beings and as shared custodians of planet Earth, we need to live and act for love of water.
Are you #forloveofwater?

By way of introduction

FLOW is a Not for Profit Organisation started in 2010, in Cape Town. FLOW is a registered Trademark and owned by Voluntary Associations Greenhouse: 081-983-NPO

FLOW works to change water behaviour of individuals and organisations by inspiring, nurturing and facilitating  water conservation.

FLOW Inspires through campaigns, media, storytelling, video, education and speaking.

FLOW Nurtures the connection and consciousness of water through enablement and support of community projects, working with organisations and partners, new products and process design.

FLOW Facilitates action in order to nurture the resource for our future by bringing partners together for water awareness and action, workshops and discussions, conferences and conflict resolution.

FLOW’s core goals

  • Inspire (media), enable (projects), facilitate (dialogue)
  • To inspire and enable people to unify on the key issue of water
  • To inspire and enable behaviour change around water
  • To inspire networks of water aware people who want to be in action
  • To inspire a deep appreciation and respect for water
  • To unify and create collective action to resolve the water challenge
  • To unify and facilitate collective action to preserve water as a precious resource
  • To enable and facilitate water education and dialogue
  • FLOW supports projects that ensure water saving, access and quality through creating micro and macro funding opportunities

The need for FLOW

South Africa is a semi-arid, water stressed country, with an average rainfall of about 450mm, which is well below the world average of about 860mm per year.

It is estimated that, based on current usage trends, water demand will exceed availability of economically usable fresh water resources by 2025. The continuing trend in industrialization and urbanization of the population is expected to place further pressure on the country’s sources of water supply.

A further problem adding to this demand is water quality. Water quality is defined as water which is safe, drinkable and appealing to all life on earth. In South Africa the scarce fresh water is decreasing in quality because of an increase in pollution and the destruction of river catchments, caused by urbanisation, deforestation, damming of rivers, destruction of wetlands, industry, mining, agriculture, energy use and accidental water pollution. As the human population increases, there is an increase in pollution and catchment destruction.

Source: www.waterwise.co.za; ‘2011 Local Government Budgets And Expenditure Review’


Source – www.purerain.co.za

How South Africa’s water is used
Water Usage Stats

Source: Department of Water Affairs (Strategic Overview of the Water Sector in South Africa 2010)

Agriculture / Irrigation60%
Municipal / Domestic27%
Livestock Watering & Nature Conservation3%
Power Generation2%


“Thank you” to these amazing companies and individuals for being in flow!