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This initiative is designed by the Langurg community and empowers its members to create a clean and safe society through responsible waste management and neighbour collaboration.

Langrug is a township/informal settlement of Franschhoek. Due to the improper disposal of waste and grey water, there has been health issues among the residents and as such an intervention had to be done to try and address these issues and start a positive movement towards sustainable change.

The Meza 2 Meza initiative aims to:

  1. Clusters groups (4-5 households) of neighbours
  2. Creates a sense of shared ownership through providing groups with bins & other waste management assets
  3. Provides clusters with paint to make their bins & assets into original colourful artworks that illustrate their groups values
  4. Educates the clusters on sustainable waste management methods incl. waste separation, recycling, upcycling and composting for food gardens

Through connected neighbourhood clusters, Meza 2 Meza seeks to form a decentralised network of families that can assist one another to take responsibility for their waste, ownership of their areas and together unite to keep the entire community clean and safe.