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We are excited to bring you a selection of water-wise products and innovative water solutions, however this page is still under development.

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The MadiDrop empowers the user to control microbial contamination in their drinking water. At household point of use, this product eliminates contamination that may originate from the source, transportation, or storage. The MadiDrop can destroy a wide range of waterborne pathogens and is highly effective against total coliform and E. coli bacteria. The MadiDrop provides a reliable barrier against secondary contamination and is an excellent solution for protecting stored water. Storing water in uncontrolled conditions (open or unsealed containers) can result in recontamination, which can undo the efforts of previous treatment and filtration techniques. One (1) MadiDrop placed and left in a water storage container of up to 20 litres will keep the water free of bacteria and other harmful organisms for weeks at a time. Disinfects the household’s daily water supply. Address residual contamination left behind by other treatments. Protects stored water from contamination.
The G-Flow Grey Water System effectively manages runoff waste water from the home, allowing you to reuse the water to keep your garden green, without having to rely on extra municipal water. This system is complete and tankless, meaning that the water is filtered and diverted immediately, not stored, reducing odors and the space needed for the system. The G-Flow system also uses a patented 3 way valve to divert excess water to the sewer, when the grey water is not required, in the case of excess water or during electricity outages.
Backed by serious research in our international labs and extensive testing in the field, LifeStraw® and LifeStraw® Family have been distributed to nearly every major international humanitarian disaster since 2005 and in broad public health campaigns in the millions. The same high-tech design used in places like Haiti, Pakistan, Peru, Kenya, Indonesia, DR Congo, South Africa, Mexico, and Bangladesh is now available for consumers.
Save-A-Flush is designed with a small, flat profile - even when fully ‘inflated’ (full of water), it will not interfere with the flushing mechanism of the toilet. Although the plastics used in the product are not yet recyclable in South Africa, Dry Planet is working to change that and is confident that by the end of the product’s lifespan (3-5 years) it will be. In the interim, they will take in expired products and reuse the packaging, reducing the amount of parts that will need recycling. There is no reduction in pressure, which makes the water saving ‘free’ in that you won’t feel the difference in the toilet flushing once the Save-A-Flush is installed. On average, in homes with running water, the toilet is flushed 8 - 10 times per day, using up to 5 litres of water at a time (depending on the size of the cistern).
PURAIN rainwater filters (also known as hydraulic jump filters) deliver high performance in the filtering of rainwater and this hydraulic jump technology means that the filter cleans itself automatically. The design incorporates a height drop, which, from a sub-critical to a super-critical flow, creates a vortex in the incoming water flow. This change in flow is a process now commonly referred to as a hydraulic jump. The resulting increase in water power is similar to a strong eddy and forces any impurities, collected in the filter chamber over the next level, to be washed away to waste.
Global Power Solutions is a technology company with a vision to change people’s lives and our planet, so much so, that they put it on their logo! On a more serious note, our planet needs to be sustained for generations to come and here at Global Power Solutions, we aim to help do exactly that. Our mission is to become a leading provider of innovative green energy products, with our business being based on a lean business model which gives us the competitive edge while at the same time ensuring that we provide you, the consumer value for money. Purge Version This version has two options either 60 seconds. This means the system will activate for 60 seconds and then stop, there after the system can be activated immediately to run another 60 second cycle.
Leaves and debris can clog gutters, making them less effective for directing water off the roof, which is especially a concern if you are trying to harvest rainwater. Universal Gutter Mesh can be installed on most types of gutters using nothing but a ladder and a strong pair of scissors, and will keep leaves and other biological debris from clogging your rain gutters. Clogged gutters can cause a lot of expensive damage to the house, from rotting fascia boards and window frames, to causing damp in the walls and more.
The wonder wash pressure washing machine, also known as the sputnik washing machine is one of the best portable washing machines available. It is compact and easy to use and when you have finished it is small enough to fit in a kitchen cupboard. It will take up to 2.2Kg of washing (with a 25lt volumetric capacity, using 6 litres of water per wash for 2 mins), that is about a third of a load on a standard front loading washing machine, and it takes 2 – 3 minutes of turning the handle to do a wash.
WaterLoo is a patented, easy-to-install and easy-to-use, lightweight and functional smart grey flush product that increases your toilet’s capacity for grey water use. It is a non-permanent installation that blends seamlessly with the toilet’s design, while integrating with the flushing system. Aesthetically pleasing, WaterLoo makes it easy to pour and re-use salvaged household grey water, thus saving precious drinking water. At the same time, it gives you more space to store grey water for flushing. This means more flushes before having to fill up again and storing the buckets used for grey water pouring out of sight for longer. Prevents grey water sludge from clogging the cistern mechanisms. Less Filling ~ More Grey Flushing!
Why Rain Water Barrels? Provide your plants with water: Unlike treated water, which is "softened" with dissolved minerals, rain water is naturally soft. The water stored in your rain barrel is great for washing your car and watering indoor or outdoor plants. It also doesn’t contain chlorine or fluoride. Save Money and Water: Instead of water from the tap or faucet, you can use the water you've saved to keep your home landscape happy and growing. You'll also reduce your water bill! Flexible Rain water barrel collects water from rooftop runoff and provides you with an ample supply of free water.